Why I Love My Great GP

Hello, my name is Cindy. I live in the suburbs of Sydney with my family. Although I would occasionally visit the doctor when I was feeling too good or if one of the children had a cold. However, my whole view on doctors changed when I found a lump on breast last year. I went to my GP in a panic, but he was a real sweetie. He calmed me down and explained he would refer me for a further investigation. Thankfully, they caught my cancer early and after some treatment, I made a full recovery. Since this close call, I have taken a keen interest in everything health related.

Key Diet Changes That Boost Your Sense Of Wellness

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As a cornerstone of wellness, what you eat has a big impact on how you feel. It's common knowledge that consuming too much junk leaves you feeling sluggish. However, you may be engaging in poor diet choices without realising it. Here are some key changes to consider making. 

Easy Diet Prep

Leading a busy life often means needing more time to cook healthy meals. As a result, you may eat convenience foods that result in sugar crashes and poor energy levels. One way to overcome this is to carve out time each week for diet prep. To boost your vegetable intake, try roasting tomatoes, carrots and onions, then blend them with a vegetable broth to make soup. Soups stay fresh for a while when refrigerated, so you can eat yours for lunch throughout the week. You can also use a large slow cooker to create low-fat protein meals in big batches. Slow cookers require minimal effort, making them ideal for preparing healthy dishes in large quantities.

Tracking Water Intake

Adequate hydration is a big problem for lots of people. When you don't drink enough water, your muscles lack the water needed to move smoothly. You're also more likely to feel hungry and binge on foods that are bad for you. Low water intake can make it difficult for you to concentrate, leaving you feeling frustrated throughout the day. To stay on top of your water intake, try using an app that encourages you to drink regularly. Or, you can carry a large bottle with you and make it your aim to finish it by the end of the day.

Don't Go Hungry

If you're dieting with the aim of losing or maintaining weight, you may find yourself feeling hungry. While some hunger pangs are a positive sign that you're in a calorie deficit, too much hunger is bad for you. Feeling too hungry could mean that your blood sugar levels are low. When they're low, your mental state suffers. It's possible to avoid hunger without eating too much. Focus on lean proteins such as chicken, as they're likely to leave you feeling fuller for longer. Healthy fats such as almonds also maintain your satiety levels. When it comes to snacks, eating vegetables can keep hunger at bay without experiencing a dramatic increase in your calorie intake.

Making small tweaks to your diet can have a big impact on your wellness. From increasing your energy levels to improving your mood, every small change has a positive impact.


28 November 2022