Why I Love My Great GP

Hello, my name is Cindy. I live in the suburbs of Sydney with my family. Although I would occasionally visit the doctor when I was feeling too good or if one of the children had a cold. However, my whole view on doctors changed when I found a lump on breast last year. I went to my GP in a panic, but he was a real sweetie. He calmed me down and explained he would refer me for a further investigation. Thankfully, they caught my cancer early and after some treatment, I made a full recovery. Since this close call, I have taken a keen interest in everything health related.

Using Exercise to Combat Lower Back Pain

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As a structure that's evolved for bending and lifting, your back undergoes a lot of strain over the years. As a result of repetitive movements that are bad for it or an injury, you may experience back pain. Even when the pain is mild, it's often hard to ignore. Fortunately, you can use exercise as a consistent tool for combatting it.


Walking at a pace that suits you can feel comfortable and comes with plenty of benefits for your back. When you walk, you strengthen many of the lower muscles that support your back. For example, your hamstrings and hip flexor muscles. You'll also boost the flexibility of your spinal ligaments and tendons. In doing so, you'll reduce the tightness in your lower back that can cause painful spasms. Try two small bursts of walking each day and see if you can build up to longer periods. In addition to reducing your lower back pain, walking can help you lower your blood pressure and lose weight.


It's important to use exercise to strengthen the muscles that support your spine. However, doing so can sometimes be difficult when you're in pain. One way to strengthen muscles while alleviating the pain is through swimming. The buoyancy of the water can take some of the weight away from your muscles, which then makes exercise feel comfier. In addition to trying techniques such as breaststroke, sign up for classes such as aqua aerobics. Aqua aerobics focuses on a range of muscles that support your spine. With a continued commitment, you can reduce pain.


Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on strengthening your core. A lot of classes also include movements that address your spine vertebrae by vertebrae. When you strengthen your core, you're also strengthening the muscles that can cause back pain when they're weak. If your core muscles are weak, they're more likely to pull on your back muscles and cause strain. When you use pilates to focus on individual vertebrae, you may align them in a way that reduces your pain. If you do choose to attend Pilates classes, make sure you make the instructor aware that you're suffering from lower back pain. 

If you're feeling uneasy about trying exercise to resolve your pain, speak with a medical professional. Alternatively, you can try physiotherapy classes. With enough guidance from the right people, you can find a form of exercise that you enjoy and that offers relief.


23 June 2022