Why I Love My Great GP

Hello, my name is Cindy. I live in the suburbs of Sydney with my family. Although I would occasionally visit the doctor when I was feeling too good or if one of the children had a cold. However, my whole view on doctors changed when I found a lump on breast last year. I went to my GP in a panic, but he was a real sweetie. He calmed me down and explained he would refer me for a further investigation. Thankfully, they caught my cancer early and after some treatment, I made a full recovery. Since this close call, I have taken a keen interest in everything health related.

Key Benefits of Bulk Billing Other than Reduced Medical Costs

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Healthcare can be quite expensive; for instance, according to recent data, out-of-pocket health costs increased by 55% over the last ten years. This is a strong indication that Australians are spending much more to cover their medical bills. These rising costs have forced more than 1.3 million Australians to delay seeing a doctor in good time. Bulk billing has come to the rescue of millions of Australians struggling with expensive medical costs because of the government's policy to subsidise healthcare. However, while the primary benefit of bulk billing is a reduced burden on citizens' pockets, there are other important benefits. Read on. 

Faster Processing -- One of the most challenging issues patients have to deal with when they pay out of pocket is the prolonged processing time involved. This is especially the case when a patient has to see multiple medical specialists whose accounts are not synchronised in any way. Moreover, access to medication is based on the completion of pending bills, which healthcare facilities have to confirm before issuing the prescribed medicine. This slow process can be quite frustrating and, in some cases, lead to fatalities. Bulk billing quickens the process because all you have to do is provide your Medicare card, and then your physician issues you an assignment of benefits forms for signing. All it takes is a matter of minutes because the doctor gets their full payment directly from your Medicare contributions. 

Eliminates Default in Payments -- In the past, doctors would not treat patients if they didn't have any form of insurance or unless a specific amount was paid up-front. Even then, physicians would still need an assurance that the balance would be paid once treatment was over. Despite these measures, it was still common for patients to default on medical payments, consequently costing healthcare facilities a lot in terms of resources. However, defaulting is an issue that physicians no longer have to worry about. This is because the government directly clears a significant percentage of the total medical, thus eliminating any risk of default. 

Covers Variety of Medical Expenses -- Today, every procedure in a healthcare facility is billable. From consultations to simple shots and major surgeries, the costs can quickly pile up and overwhelm patients. Unfortunately, most insurance policies do not cover certain procedures, thereby leaving patients with no other option but to pay out of pocket for these procedures. Bulk billing, in conjunction with Medicare, covers a variety of medical expenses. Hence, you do not have to worry about paying out of pocket for any of the procedures that your doctor recommends.   


25 February 2020