Why I Love My Great GP

Hello, my name is Cindy. I live in the suburbs of Sydney with my family. Although I would occasionally visit the doctor when I was feeling too good or if one of the children had a cold. However, my whole view on doctors changed when I found a lump on breast last year. I went to my GP in a panic, but he was a real sweetie. He calmed me down and explained he would refer me for a further investigation. Thankfully, they caught my cancer early and after some treatment, I made a full recovery. Since this close call, I have taken a keen interest in everything health related.

How to Improve the Outcomes of Relationship Counselling Sessions


Relationship counselling is one of the best ways to save a dying marriage or relationship. During counselling sessions, the counsellor will help you recognise problems and solutions to various issues. You and your partner may require couples therapy if there is a communication breakdown in the relationship. It could be that you are not talking or you are always arguing over everything. Or, dishonesty might be a major cause of conflict in a relationship. A relationship counsellor could help you regain confidence in your partner if that is the case.

The first way of ensuring the success of couple's therapy is hiring a reputable and experienced counsellor. Below are some other ways that you can improve the outcomes of relationship counselling sessions. 

Being honest.

Counselling sessions can give you an opportunity to be honest about your feelings. As such, do not be shy to talk about the little things you don't like about your partner. Likewise, expect your partner to be honest. Do not judge him or her; instead, try to understand his or her point of view.

Do your part. 

The counsellor will either suggest or ask you to come up with remedies to improve the current state of the relationship. For instance, the counsellor can train you on how to let your needs known. In such a way, you might have to change how you communicate with each other. If your partner is a bit reluctant to try out the new intervention, it is up to you to encourage him or her by abiding by it. With time, your partner will fall in line.

Manage your expectations. 

Most couples go to marriage counselling with the hope of saving their relationship. However, the therapy sessions may also help you realise that the marriage or relationship is beyond repair. Do not be disappointed; rather, take lessons from your relationship and avoid making the same mistakes in the next relationship.

Be persistent. 

Relationship counselling does not work instantly. As such, you must encourage your partner to be patient. It may take some months or even years for the therapy to work. Sometimes, you may opt to change counsellors if you feel that your current counsellor does not meet your needs.  

Couples attending relationship counselling sessions can improve outcomes by being honest, doing their part, managing expectations, and being persistent. To learn more and find the right counsellor for your relationship, contact various relationship counselling centres.


25 February 2019